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Namfeeds™ is the renowned stockfeed brand owned and produced by National Milling Corporation Limited (NMC) located in Zambia. NMC is a world class agro-business corporation with a mission to consistently achieve and maintain market leadership and competitive edge in the provision of quality human and animal nutrition products and services for the benefit of all its customers. NMC is specialised in the development, production, sales and distribution of high-quality stockfeed and related goods and services. With an exceptional

commitment to excellence, we offer a wide range of livestock feeds, nutritional supplements, disinfectants and technical expertise to cater for the diverse needs of the livestock industry in Zambia and Africa.

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Sustainability at the Core

Namfeeds recognizes the vital role we play in supporting sustainable farming practices. We take pride in sourcing ingredients responsibly and producing feeds that align with eco-friendly principles.

Fueling Livestock Wellness Through Quality Feeds.

NMC is the leading milling company in Zambia. Established before independence in 1964 and incorporated in 1993, NAMFEEDS™ is produced in Lusaka at our 130,000 MT per annum capacity feed mill.

At Namfeeds, we understand the unique nutritional requirements of different livestock. We provide a comprehensive selection of stockfeed, including full ranges for

  1. Poultry (Breeder, Broiler, Layer)
  2. Swine
  3.  Ruminant
  4. Pet (Dog)
  5. Fish and Crocodile 

Our feeds are produced using the best quality raw materials, modern nutritional technologies and state of the art production machinery to ensure optimal health, growth, fertility and productivity for your animals.

Quality Control and Assurance is achieved with full traceability from raw materials to finished products. NAMFEEDS utilizes NIR technology calibrated on a consistent basis against global nutritional databases and in a house full wet chemistry laboratory.

In addition to our stockfeed products, we are a leading distributor for Cobb broiler Day-Old-Chicks and Lohmann Brown Pullets from Hybrid Poultry Farm, the leading poultry hatchery in Zambia. We also offer a range of nutritional supplements and chemicals to support the overall biosecurity and well-being of your livestock.

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Namfeeds isn't just about providing feeds – we're invested in your livestock success.