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Welcome to Namfeed’s Product Selection, a testament to our dedication to nourishing livestock and supporting agricultural success. Our specialized range of feeds, meticulously formulated for chickens, cows, pigs, and fish, is designed to provide the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth, health, and productivity.

Poultry Products

Elevate the health and productivity of your feathered friends with our premium Poultry Feed. Specially formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and other poultry, our feed blend supports optimal growth, feather quality, and egg production. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and protein sources, our Poultry Feed ensures your flock thrives and delivers the best results for backyard enthusiasts and commercial farmers alike.

Poultry Pride
Pig Products

Nurture your swine with our carefully crafted Pig Feed. Designed to provide a balanced diet for pigs of all ages and breeds, our feed formula promotes healthy weight gain, strong immunity, and overall well-being. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, our Pig Feed optimizes growth and ensures the development of high-quality pork. Whether you're raising pigs for meat production or as pets, our feed contributes to their vitality and vitality.

Aqua Products

Dive into success with our specialized Aqua Feed for aquatic life. Created to support the unique nutritional requirements of fish and aquatic organisms, our feed blend enhances growth, color vibrancy, and reproductive capabilities. Rich in omega fatty acids, proteins, and vital nutrients, our Aqua Feed is tailored to different aquatic species, be it in aquaculture or ornamental settings. Fuel your aquatic ecosystem with the finest nutrition for thriving and vibrant underwater life.

Dairy Products

Unleash the potential of your dairy herd with our premium Dairy Feed. Crafted to bolster milk production, milk quality, and overall animal health, our feed blend is a dairy farmer's secret to success. Enriched with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, our Dairy Feed maximizes milk yields while ensuring the vitality and longevity of your cattle. Whether you run a small dairy operation or a large-scale facility, our Dairy Feed supports the optimal performance of your cherished herd.

Nourishing Agriculture, Elevating Livestock

Step into the world of Namfeeds, where the health and productivity of your livestock take center stage. Our specialized range of feeds, meticulously formulated for chickens, cows, pigs, and fish, reflects our commitment to supporting thriving agricultural practices.

Special Broiler Starter Crumbles01 to 13 days0.6kg per bird50kg
Special Broiler Grower Pellets14 to 27 days1.25kg per bird50kg
Special Broiler Finisher Pellets28 days to slaughter1.25kg per bird50kg
Special Broiler Grower Concentrate Mash40%:60% (2 bags conc, 3 bags maize)50kg
Special Broiler Finisher Concentrate Mash40%:60% (2 bags conc, 3 bags maize)50kg
Special Broiler Starter Crumbles 0 to 3 Weeks0.5kg50kg
Pullet Starter Mash4 to 8 Weeks1.5kg50kg
Pullet Grower Mash9 to 15 Weeks2.5kg50kg
Pullet Developer / Prelay Mash16 to 19 WeekS2.5kg50kg
Pullet Grower/Developer Conc. Mash40%:60% (2 bags maize, 3 bags conc)50kg
Layer 17 (above 80% prod).Mash20 Weeks to End100g - 125g per bird/day50kg
Layer Concentrate Phase 1 Mash40%:60% (2 bags conc, 3 bags maize)50kg
Pig Creep/Starter Mash50kg
Pig Creep/Starter PelletsPellets50kg
Pig Grower Mash83 Days - Slaughter2.5kg/pig/day50kg
Pig Grower Pellets83 Days - Slaughter2.5kg/pig/day50kg
Lactating Sow Mash2.5kg post farrowing to 7kg/sow at full milk prod.50kg
Dry Sow & Boar Mash2.5kg per day per dry sow and boar50kg
Pig Gower Concentrate Mash40%:60% (2 bags conc, 3 bags maize)50kg
Lactating Sow & Boar Concentrate40%:60% (2 bags conc, 3 bags maize)50kg
Calf Starter Mash50kg
Calf Starter Pellets50kg
Dairy 19 Mash (500gms per litre milk)50kg
Dairy 19 Pellets(500gms per litre milk)50kg
Dairy Concentrate Mash(50kg Conc,30kg Wheat Bran, 20kg Maize Bran)50kg
COBB 500
COBB 500 Starter Crumble50kg
COBB 500 Grower Mash50kg
COBB 500 Pre Breeder Mash50kg
COBB 500 Breeder Layer Mash50kg
COBB 500 Male Mash50kg
Hyline Starter Crumble50kg
Hyline Grower Mash50kg
Hyline Developer Mash50kg
Hyline Pre Layer/Pre Breeder Mash50kg
Hyline Layer Mash50kg
Fish TilapiaFish Start to End Weight (grams)Total Feed per Fish(gr)
Namfeeds Fish Fry Mash 48%CP0 - 0.350.310kg
Namfeeds Fish Crumble 1 48%CP0.35 - 2.5210kg
Namfeeds Fish Crumble 2 48%CP2.5 - 10710kg
Namfeeds Fish Crumble 3 48%CP10 to 251225kg
Namfeeds Fish Grower 2.0mm 35%CP25 to 602525kg
Namfeeds Fish Grower 3.0mm 32%CP60 to 20020025kg
Namfeeds Fish Grower 4.5mm 30%CP200 to 40027525kg
Namfeeds Fish Broodstock 4.5mm 35%CP200 onwards(feed twice daily)25kg
Green PondDaily Feed as % of Bodywgt
Namfeeds Pond 2.0mm 25% CP25 to 604.4 to 4.125kg
Namfeeds Pond 3.0mm 25% CP60 to 2004.1 to 3.525kg
Namfeeds Pond 4.5mm 25% CP200 to 5003.5 to 1.925kg
CatfishFish Start to End Weight (grams)Daily Feed as % of Bodywgt
Catfish Grower 2.0mm 40% CP10 to 505.025kg
Catfish Grower 3.0mm 40% CP50 to 2504.025kg
Catfish Grower 4.5mm 35% CP250 to 1000+3.0 to 1.225kg
CrocodileMixing mash% with water%Weekly feed rate as % of bodywgt/week
Namfeeds Croc PreStart Crumb 52%CP70% mash with 75% water (3 times/day)25 to 3025kg
Namfeeds Croc Starter Mash 45%CP40 with 60 (2-3 times/day)25 to 2525kg
Namfeeds Croc Grower Mash 42%CP60 with 80 (1-2 times/day)12 to 1625kg
Namfeeds Croc Finisher mash 40%CP60 with 80 (1 times /day)12 to 1625kg
Disinfectants & Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional Supplements BIMEDADirections for use
Aminovital 1 LitrePoultry tonic - Vitamins, Amino Acids,Minerals
Aminovital 250ml* 1 Teaspoon (4ml) per 20 litres water.5-10 days
Aminovital 120ml*See directions for use on pack
Nutravit 100gr
Bimeda Chick Formula 120gr*See directions for use on pack
Disinfectants BIMEDA
Bimakleen 250mlSurface, dip,aerial spray,drinking water
Bimakleen 500mldisinfectant - Viral Kill
Bimakleen 1 Litre*See directions for use on pack
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