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Welcome to the heart of culinary excellence – the National Milling Company Products Page. Here, we take immense pride in presenting a diverse array of premium ingredients that have been meticulously crafted to elevate your cooking and baking experiences. Our commitment to quality, flavor, and innovation is showcased in every product we offer.

Rice Products

Savor the goodness of perfectly cooked rice with our premium Rice selection! Grown with care and processed to preserve its natural qualities, our Rice cooks up fluffy and aromatic every time. Whether you're creating stir-fries, biryanis, or sushi, our Rice is the ideal foundation for a variety of delightful dishes.

Maize Meal Products

Discover the taste of tradition with our Maize Meal! Sourced from the best maize, our meal is a staple in many households, offering versatility and nutrition. Whether you're preparing a hearty porridge or Nshima, our Maize Meal adds a wholesome touch to your favorite family recipes.

Pasta Products

Elevate your pasta dishes with our exquisite Pasta range! Crafted with precision, our pasta is made from the finest durum wheat, resulting in a delightful texture and superb flavor. From classic spaghetti to intricate shapes, our Pasta is the foundation of unforgettable meals that bring comfort and taste to your table.

Flour Products

Unleash your culinary creativity with our high-quality Flour! Milled to perfection, our flour is a kitchen essential for all your baking and cooking needs. Whether you're making fluffy pancakes, hearty bread, or delicate pastries, our Flour guarantees consistent results, ensuring your dishes turn out perfect every time.

Popcorn Products

Experience the perfect snack with our premium Popcorn! Popped to perfection, our kernels are fluffy and flavorful, providing you with a satisfying crunch in every bite. Whether you're enjoying movie night or a casual get-together, our Popcorn is the ideal choice for a delicious and wholesome treat.

Our Premium Selection

National Milling offers a meticulously curated collection of premium products, each designed to unlock your creativity in the kitchen. From our signature Mielie meal to specialty Flour, Rice, and many more, our range empowers you to turn every meal into a masterpiece.

M/MEALMother's PrideSuper Breakfast25.00 Kg
Mother's PrideSuper Breakfast Meal10.00 Kg
Mother's PrideSuper Breakfast Meal5.00 Kg
Mother's PrideSuper Breakfast Meal2.50 Kg
People's PrideRoller Meal25.00 Kg
People's PrideRoller Meal10.00 Kg
People's PrideRoller Meal5.00 Kg
FLOURZambia's PrideCake Flour25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideCake Flour10.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBread Flour50.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBread Flour25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBread Flour10.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBrown Flour50.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBrown Flour25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideNatmilk50.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideBunmix50.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideNatbrown25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideRoll - Soft25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideRoll - Sweet25.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideNatbake50.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideNatbake 10.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideNatbake Delight2.50 Kg
Zambia's PrideWholemeal Delight2.50 Kg
Zambia's PrideBakers Delight2.50 Kg
Zambia's PrideSuper Delight5.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideSuper Delight2.50 Kg
Zambia's PrideCake Delight5.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideCake Delight2.50 Kg
Zambia's PrideSelf Raising Flour5.00 Kg
Zambia's PrideSelf Raising Flour2.50 Kg
YEASTCloverDry Yeast0.50 Kg
RICEMother's PrideSuper Rice10.00 Kg
Mother's PrideSuper Rice5.00 Kg
Mother's PrideWhite Rice2.50 Kg
Mother's PrideFragrant Thai Rice 2.50 Kg
Mother's PrideParboiled Rice5.00 Kg
Mother's PrideParboiled Rice2.50 Kg
People's PrideMongu Rice25.00 Kg
People's PrideMongu Rice10.00 Kg
People's PrideMongu Rice5.00 Kg
People's PrideMongu Rice2.50 Kg
Mother's PrideBrown Rice2.50 Kg
POPCORNMother's PrideSuper Popcorn1.00 Kg
Mother's PrideSuper Popcorn0.50 Kg
PASTAMother's PrideMacaroni3.00 Kg
Mother's PrideMacaroni1.00 Kg
Mother's PrideMacaroni0.50 Kg
Mother's PrideFusilli2.00 Kg
Mother's PrideFusilli1.00 Kg
Mother's PrideFusilli0.50 Kg
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